Sunday, January 5, 2014

Harvest for the Dobbs Ferry Food Pantry

South Church sponsors the Dobbs Ferry Food Pantry as an offshoot of its Hunger Ministries. This past summer, the Roots & Wings Kitchen Garden's harvest helped supply Food Pantry clients with fresh produce.

Dobbs Ferry Food Pantry Coordinators
Molly, Maria and Linda
Food Pantry coordinator and Roots & Wings founding member, Linda Herring, says, "I want to thank Mark T. and the Kitchen Garden for a bountiful harvest! All during the late summer and fall we shared fresh produce with our Food Pantry clients and even gave them recipes as some of the greens are not their typical staples. They have been very grateful. We also included herbs from both gardens--sage, rosemary, thyme, mint, oregano and chives." 

Dobbs Ferry Food Pantry co-coordinator Molly Rodriguez adds this update. "Just after Thanksgiving we had a special service at South Church focusing on hunger, giving and justice around food. People brought food and gave an extra offering of cash. It was an amazing service. Some members of our food pantry were there, and one person helped me read a prayer in Spanish. Jen Cadenhead spoke about the Dobbs Ferry Food Pantry. Robin Larkin spoke about Cabrini Immigrant Services and Mark Taiano spoke about Roots & Wings. Read more here.

Dobbs Ferry Food Pantry Facts
  • CLIENTS: The Pantry is open to and serves everyone who expresses need, regardless of residency status, religious belief or affiliation. On average, it serves 20-25 families--approximately 125 individuals, many of whom are young children.
  • HISTORY: South Presbyterian Church opened this food pantry in January 2011 in response to the growing demand for food assistance in Dobbs Ferry, New York as well as people from the neighboring villages of Ardsley, Hastings-on-Hudson and Irvington. The church currently provides the space free of charge. Its staff is 100% volunteer. All of the money donated to the pantry is used to purchase items that go directly to those who need assistance.
  • WHERE: South Church, 343 Broadway, Dobbs Ferry, NY
  • HOURS: every Wednesday from 10 AM - noon. As donations increase, evening hours will be added
  • DONATE: Food can be left at South Church in the vestibule of the sanctuary or Mon. - Fri. 9 AM - noon at the church office or you can email below to arrange a time. 


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