Sunday, July 20, 2014

notes from the garden

this week's harvest--given to the Food Pantry
Els, Solange and I met this past Saturday to continue with the work at the garden.  We did the usual weeding, cutting the grass around the beds, and pruning of plants. Els brought over a natural pesticide that we applied to some of the vegetables that were being eaten by the insects. We noticed some new cucumbers, peppers and a lot of tomatoes that are nearly ready to be harvested. 

We will need to continue with the watering although last week due to the torrential rains watering was reduced.  I will be at the garden this Saturday from 9 am to noon --we'll turn the compost and cover some of the beds with hay or mulch.

There is a quite a bit of Kale, Swiss chard, cucumbers and herbs that can be harvested for the food pantry.  I will stop by Tuesday and harvest some of these vegetables and leave them in a basket near the pantry.   


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