Saturday, August 15, 2015

the time to start composting is NOW!

Thank you Elisa Zazzera for three fabulous Composting is EZ classes! 

For me, these classes clarified the two most compelling reasons to compost:

1.  it returns nutrients to the earth 

2.  it is stupid to pay for organic material to be hauled away and burned. See Elisa's slide on that below.

In response to these classes, Roots & Wings has opened its compost bins to the community. They are behind South Church, at The Kitchen Garden, which is 343 Broadway, Dobbs Ferry. We ask that you first come to one of the regular gardening hours and introduce yourself so we have a sense of how many people are using these bins. Hours are Saturday mornings: 10 AM - noon, and Thursday early evenings: 5:30 - 6:30 PM.  

Marcello, our garden manager, reminds us, "If you are bringing fresh kitchen scraps to our compost please deposit it in the far left compost bin and try to cover it with dried leaves that can be found in the compost bin on the right. This keeps the smell down and adds the carbon component needed for proper composting."

Roots & Wings was heartened to receive an encouraging note from Paul Feiner, Town Supervisor of Greenburgh, about our Composting Is EZ with Elisa Zazzera classes. He's had eight summer interns working on composting and recycling, alongside Greenburgh Nature Center. 

Attend their presentation to the Greenburgh Town Board on Wednesday, Aug.19, at 7:30 about promoting organic recycling and source separation. Click here to view their videos on YouTube.


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