Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Kitchen Garden Update - April 16

Hello everyone,
I'm sorry I missed the fun last Saturday. Here is Marcelo's attempt to recap as much as he can remember of a very busy first Saturday meeting.

Blanca organized our toolbox!
Currently at the Garden: We had a terrific start to our Kitchen Gardening season! Present were Mark P. and Marc T. who started the day by continuing to move some of the top soil away from the outside fence. They were quickly joined by gardeners Linda McCarthy, Linda Herring, Iris Hiskey (her son also briefly stopped by), Susan Clelland and Sam Bercovich. This meant that all the gardeners with plots were present and able to sign the consent forms and pick up a copy of the garden rules. A very pleasant surprise was to have Els, who was a very active community garden participant a couple of years ago before moving to Port Chester, stop by to help us pull out weeds just like old times. Together we were able to do a lot of initial garden preparation such as removing dandelions, sifting the compost and placing it in the community plots, placing new top soil on plots, organizing our tool box, closing the garden fence and the general preparation of the community beds. It really was a productive and wonderful first gathering.

​Susan and Marcelo sifting the compost.
Next Steps: Unfortunately Marc T. and Gabriela won’t be at the garden next week, but everyone is encouraged to stop by Saturday during our normal hours of 10 am to noon. We should have some new compost to mix into every individual bed and hopefully we will also have some new baby plants that can be placed into plots. We still need to confirm with the nursery school if the water hose will be available for next week but we will let gardeners know as soon as possible.

​Mark puts back the fence with help from John.

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