Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Kitchen Garden Update - June 3rd

It was a very busy Saturday and everyone was in attendance: Mark P, Linda M, Laura, Els, Linda H, Blanca, Susan, Iris, Marcelo, Solange, and Gabriela. Unfortunately no pictures were taken!

The main activity of the day was to plant the seedlings that Iris and Gabriela had purchased the day before and some that we had started from seed: lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, red cabbage, collards, herbs, peppers, eggplants, and marigolds. We also sprinkled some lettuce seeds in between the seedlings for the next harvest. Iris planted a passion flower plant in the box where we had morning glories last year (over by the fence) and some are coming back. Marcelo moved a lot of mint over by that fence too. Gabriela had planted potato seed in two containers (sprouted potatoes from the CSA donated by MJ) over the week.

Susan sprayed the poison ivy with the vinegar mix we used last year. Gabriela will prepare more and make a second round during the week. Susan and Gabriela talked about possibly planting native flowers and shrubs on the outside of the fence on Oak St, and also dreamed about fruit trees shared with the neighboring property (Zion church).

Gabriela managed the compost pile. We have run out of browns (dry leaves and such) but are working on getting more as soon as possible.

Iris brought Japanese knotweed from her backyard to make an inoculant following a recipe provided by Doug DeCandia in his class. She cut it up, added some Epsom salts, Els added worm castings and they left it soaking in water in the shade.

Laura and Blanca found one or more cabbage worms and Susan thinks we have leaf borers on our spinach and beet greens. We will have to keep an eye on them--hopefully as we expand the palette of plants in the garden things will balance out.

- Iris & Gabriela.

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