Monday, September 11, 2017

September 2nd & 9th at the Garden

First, a quick reminder that our potluck is coming up soon, on Sunday, September 17th at 4:30 PM at the Kitchen Garden. We hope you can make it! Please send any questions to Gabriela.

On September 2nd we had smaller than usual group: Mark, Linda H., Linda M., Susan and Els. Mark was at his best, as always, tidying up. He removed practically all the lambs quarter that was growing under the table  in preparation for the pot luck dinner. There was a great crop of eggplants and cucumbers for the food pantry. It was harvest time in the individual plots too, plus cutting back tomatillo and tomato plants. Susan tested the dripping system and all tubes seem to be working. She did change the settings so that there is more water per session. Last but not least, the lettuce seedlings Susan had left in the garden before her vacations were big enough to be planted out. We hope to still get a fall crop of them.

- Els.

On September 9th, we had a nice crowd at the garden: Marcelo and his cousin Marisa, who's visiting from Argentina, Blanca, Solange, Iris, Els, Mark, Susan, Ben, and Gabriela. We did the usual harvesting and tending, weeding as well as a bit of cover crop planting. Gabriela brought a hoe--a tool Doug DeCandia had recommended to prepare planting areas--and Mark brought cover crop seed mixes and a flat spade to help cut plant residues and other compostable materials for faster decomposition. We were lucky to have Solange, who made two trips home to affix the handle to the hoe and then later to sharpen the spade edge--thank you Solange and Ernesto (Solange's husband)!! 

Our first ever potato harvest!

Iris gives her plot a bit of extra moisture

Marisa and Marcelo evaluate the eggplants
Susan carefully thins her plants

Mark puts to use the new flat spade

Solange and Blanca confer on the health of these tomato plants

Els saws cover crop seeds.
Ben is trying to tame his tomatillos

Gabriela harvests some calendula flowers.
- Gabriela.


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