Monday, October 12, 2015

Kitchen Garden Notes - Sept 26 & Oct 3

We had a rather quiet (not to mention wet and chilly!) day at the kitchen garden on Saturday, October 3rd. I stopped by briefly and met Mark Pennington, who was showing the garden to Mary Beth, a friend who has been gardening a bit with Greyston Foundation. We left by 11:15.

Last week (September 26), MJ Wilson stopped by and brought three monarch butterflies she had been tending to. She and Marcelo released the butterflies in the front garden (see Sept 29th post below). Linda McCarthy joined us for harvesting and watering and helped Marcelo aerate a bed and seed cover crops. Blanca stopped by as well to lend a hand. We harvested tomatoes, tomatillos, greens, and hot peppers for the food pantry. Mark P. did some weeding and maintenance and found a beautiful black swallowtail caterpillar. He took it home and it's turned into a chrysallis! With the cooler Autumn weather many vegetables are nearing the end of their productive cycle and we will continue to prepare plots for next year by aerating them, adding compost and a cover crop.


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