Sunday, October 11, 2015

Solar News for Dobbs Ferry and Hastings

Dobbs Ferry and Hastings Selected for Solar-Savings Program—discounts of up to 15%

When Roots & Wings was asked to write a letter of support and endorsement for Dobbs Ferry and Hastings' application to Solarize Westchester last June, we did not hesitate, as it was brought to our attention by friends at the Dobbs Ferry Energy Task Force. 

Here's the good news: Solarize Hastings-Dobbs Ferry was approved as the newest program of Solarize Westchester! Read the official news here. (Other programs include Tarrytown, Cortland-Croton and Bedford-Mount Kisco. More here.) 

This means that between now and the end of February 2016 residents of Dobbs Ferry and Hastings can buy solar electric systems at a discounted group rate, and from an installer--Sunrise Solar Solutions--which has been vetted by a team of local architects, green energy specialists and homeowners.  

You are invited to attend launch events for Solarize Hastings-Dobbs Ferry:
  • Thursday, October 15 @ 7:30 PM in the Board Room at the Dobbs Ferry Village Hall
  • Sunday, October 18 @ 3 PM at the James Harmon Community Center in Hastings

There will also be a home tour of existing solar installations the weekend of October 24, and a series of workshops throughout the next four months in both villages for residents who want to learn more about installing a solar powered system. 

From Solarize Hastings-Dobbs Ferry's press release:

Given the tax incentives, cheap financing now available, and the group discount, homeowners can have a system installed right now at no upfront cost, and realize immediate and ongoing savings on their electricity bills.


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