Monday, November 2, 2015

Kitchen Garden Notes - October 31

On Saturday, October 31st, Marcelo, Iris, Blanca, Linda Herring, M.J. Wilson, Barry Cunningham, and Gabriela met at the garden. We started by chatting and warming up, sharing a few mates and tasting different varieties of yerba. We continued chopping the remaining plants and gathering the last of the harvest: some herbs, kale, green peppers and tomatoes, and Brussels sprouts and leaves. We applied compost on some of the plots, and Marcelo took down the fence in preparation for receiving the topsoil shipment next week. M.J., a master composter, gave us a hand with the compost pile. She also brought her leaf blower and showed us how to use it as a vacuum and leaf shredder. Marcelo and Gabriela tried it, as Roots & Wings may be purchasing one to shred leaves from the church grounds and use for mulching and compost browns.

We will have topsoil delivered to the garden next Saturday, November 7 in the morning. On this last gathering of the season we will replenish soil in the raised beds, and spread compost and fertilizer. The soil is coming from Westwood Organic Recycling in Katonah.


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