Wednesday, July 6, 2016

July 2nd at the Kitchen Garden

People at the garden: Marcelo, Iris, Laura, Blanca, Els, Susan.

It was a busy Saturday morning at the garden! Everything is growing wildly and beautifully and so we harvested kale, various lettuces, and nasturtium flowers. There are tons of flowers on all the plants and lots of green tomatoes and small squashes. The peas are coming to the end of their season (or are beyond it). We did some weeding and staking and/or tying up of floppy branches. We didn't need to water because it had rained heavily recently.

Iris planted three of the little watermelon seedlings outside the front fence. We discovered some breeches in the fence near the driveway and a few chomped squash leaves and, fearing intrusion by some critter like a groundhog or rabbit, Iris tied up all the holes she could find. Marcelo worked on the compost as usual and found that the compost in the middle bin seems to be ready for use.
On Sunday, Marcelo harvested a good amount of collards and kale for the food pantry which was taken by Lyn.

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