Monday, June 27, 2016

June 25 at the Kitchen Garden

This Saturday, Mark P. stopped by early and began watering the garden, noting that the sprinklers (which now are activated on Fridays and Saturdays at 4 am) only reach the immediate area and don't provide the deep watering that's needed in the veggie beds. We are looking into other options for automated watering. He then went on to tidying and watering the labyrinth garden.

At the garden were Marcelo, Linda H, Susan, Laura, and Gabriela. We weeded Sam's plot, which for now will be part of the communal garden, and planted some more eggplants there, in addition to some lettuce and mesclun that was already planted. Susan will be donating zucchini and cucumber to complete the plot--thank you!

We also weeded, trimmed the tomato plants, and watered, and there was some harvest from the family plots. The garden is looking pretty good with squash flowers, tiny tomatoes, peppers and tomatillos starting to form, among other wonders. Maria Harris visited the garden briefly with her grandson, who helped us water.

Poison ivy follow up: Last week, Gabriela sprayed some poison ivy by the parking lot fence with a mixture of vinegar, salt and dish detergent. The leaves started to wilt and Marcelo applied a second round of spraying. Otherwise, things are looking fine so far.

The watering schedule remains the same. Please note we've been informed that tomorrow, Jun 28 there will be a filming crew from 7 am to noon and we need to stay out of their way. Also, starting next week, the camp will be using the water in the morning. We'll send a separate note to the core group of gardeners.
Mondays: Susan
Tuesdays: Gabriela
Wednesdays: Iris/Linda H.
Thursdays: Marcelo
Saturdays: Group

See you next week!


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