Sunday, April 30, 2017

April 29th at the Kitchen Garden

Marcelo and Mark started early taking the soil out of the shaded raised bed. Gabriela joined later and tended the compost pile (for more details see the blog post). Els came later and we were all thrilled to see Solange coming back! She helped relocate the raised bed. Els and Gabriela did some weeding, seeding, and watering.

The frame is now in its new and sunnier location and we'll fill it up with soil next time.

Seeds still need to be watered. Hopefully last week's schedule will work this week as well:
Sunday: Linda H.
Monday: Marcelo
Tuesday: Iris
Wednesday: Susan
Thursday: Laura
Friday: Gabriela

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  1. The Dobbs Ferry Food Pantry will be watering the labyrinth on Wednesdays