Sunday, April 30, 2017

Earth Day at the Kitchen Garden

It was a somewhat cool and rainy Earth Day and we had a skeleton crew at the garden: Marcelo, Susan, Laura and Iris. We worked some in our individual plots and also on the front shady boxes. 
Proposed watering schedule for this week:
Sunday—Linda H.
Sam stopped by to add some kitchen scraps to the compost.

Marcelo kept working on moving the soil out of the shady bed. 
Laura started planting seeds.
Iris chopped the cover crop in the shady bed and added it to the compost. Marcelo is also going to empty this bed in preparation for moving the entire structure to the sunnier side of the garden.
Susan started working on a small extra plot in front of her raised bed, layering cardboard and compost. She discovered some small paw prints in her plot, reminding us that we need to try to tie up the holes and gaps in the fence asap.

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