Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Kitchen Garden News - April 30

I'm sorry to have missed the fun at the garden in April but look forward to joining the group next Saturday. Thank you Iris for the pictures and Marcelo for the weekly summary!

Currently at the garden
: Present at the garden were Mark P., Iris, Linda M., Susan C., Els, Sam, and Marcelo . 
Marcelo picked up a number of baby plants from Sprainbrook nursery including collard greens, kale, red leaf lettuce, mesclun lettuce, cucumber, butternut squash, spaghetti squash, a rosemary bush, and assorted seeds of green beans.
Everybody worked together as a big team planting all the above mentioned plants in the community plots and some in individual plots. We also planted the beef steak tomato plants that Gabriela started and Mark brought over into the community beds. We added compost to the base of most plants and watered all the vegetables before leaving.

Coming up: Next we will have to create a watering schedule and consider getting a tool shed, and food grinder which were suggested by members. We should also continue with the planting of new vegetables in the coming weeks. Next Saturday (May 7th) ome of us will also be working in the labyrinth along with Chris O. in the front of the Church starting about 11 a.m. (following our regular Kitchen Garden work).

See you next week at the garden!


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