Monday, May 9, 2016

Kitchen Garden Update - May 7

This week at the garden: Sam was at the garden early bringing in his food scraps for the compost as he also checked on his vegetables. After he left a group of gardeners comprised of Marc T., Mark. P., Els, Susan and Iris worked on weeding, turning the compost, planting arugula seeds, collard greens plants, and mesclun lettuce plants. We did not need to water due to all the rain that we received this past week.

Iris uses the broad fork to aerate the soil while minimizing disturbances.

Chris Olsewsky joined the fun as she brought over materials for the front Labyrinth Garden. Marc, Mark and Lenore worked with Chris in setting up a new border made of small rocks around part of the labyrinth. They also planted some new herbs and flowers, plus did some weeding along with adding new mulch. The end result was that the labyrinth looked much improved right before Mother’s Day when many of the South Church people would be passing by.

Next at the kitchen garden: we will still need to make a watering schedule. We should also decide if we want to try to meet during the week such as a Tuesday or Wednesday afternoon to do some more group gardening. Right now we try to meet every Saturday from 10 am to noon but it would be nice to have another group day during the week.

Iris' son surprised her with this Mother's Day gift: he installed hoophouses in her and Linda H's plots. These trap the heat and help extend the growing season.

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