Wednesday, May 25, 2016

May 21 Kitchen Garden update

This Saturday, Marcelo, Linda H., Iris, Laura, Susan, Blanca, Linda M, and Gabriela. met at the garden. In addition to tending the family plots and watering the whole garden, all helped in various activities in the communal area. We planted cilantro and rosemary in the herb bed, thinned the bean seedlings, and turned the compost pile. Linda M cleared a section of the back plot by Oak St, spread some lobster compost, and we transplanted some cucumber and/or squash seedlings that had volunteered in the compost pile (it looks like the cucumbers we had previously planted were eaten).

Also, we got a new tomato plant on Thursday. Suzi Novak, our wonderful instructor showed us how to transplant tomatoes and in the process gifted us with a new plant! Summaries of our gardening classes are available on our website.

Watering Schedule so far (subject to change):
Mondays: Susan
Tuesdays: Gabriela
Wednesdays: Iris/Linda H.
Thursdays: Marcelo
Saturdays: Group

**Please note** when watering the garden, if Iris and Linda H's hoophouses are covered, you don't have to water them--only water if the plastic cover is pulled to the side.

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