Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The circular ways of the Labyrinth

Year two of the labyrinth and we’re still finding our way.

     Thanks to Linda Herring and Linda Azif who have talked to the gardeners at Sprainbrook about the best way to nourish the plants along the Roots & Wings labyrinth's paths. They are putting “Coast of Maine” mix of potting soil, compost and other things that help lighten the soil into the current, somewhat packed soil to aerate it and to allow the plant roots to grow deep not horizontal. 

     We hope the Sat. Oct. 6th at 9:30 am-ish will be the date people will come with donations for planting in the perennial labyrinth garden.  Watch here for the final date.

     There’s now an official WELCOME as you enter the labyrinth. This stone is resonant with South Church history. It has sat, partially buried, by the side “bridal entrance” of the church for decades perhaps. Because of its sturdy but formal shape, and because it is about a foot deep, we know it was  South Church’s original “upping block” used for mounting horses or “carriage stone” used for stepping into horse drawn carriages. Local artist Cheryl Hajjar carved the Welcome, and local contractor Dave Person buried it in its current resting place.

Is it too much to say that now, when you walk into the labyrinth, you are following in the footsteps of generations who've come to connect with the divine? This welcome stone has good energy!