Sunday, November 11, 2012

Go (Compost) Team!

Breaking news... South Church is composting!

It's been happening in fits and starts for the past year, and now, thanks to the tireless work of Chris Cole-Olsewski, a team is in place to bring our compost from the South Church kitchen compost bins to the new and improved outdoor compost bins near The Kitchen Garden.

Introducing the Team and the days they will be bringing the indoor compost bucket to the outdoor bins:

  • Chris Cole Olsewski -  Sundays
  • Solange Viggiano - Tuesdays
  • Maureen Buckley Fox - Fridays
  • Jessica Groth - who will turn the outdoor compost as needed

What YOU need to do:  if you are working in kitchen, put your coffee grounds, filters, tea bags, used paper napkins, crumbs you sweep off the counters, stale broken cookies, fruit peels, pizza crusts and more into the green compost bucket. 

A good compost heap is the key to growing good food.