Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Notes from the Garden

Hi All,

This is a first yearly update for the kitchen garden located at the back of South Church.

Prior Work- In the last couple of weeks we have begun a general clean up of the garden.  The area between the garden fence and stone wall along Oak street was weeded, raked, covered with cloth and wood chips, thanks to Lenore, Kalle, & Lisbet Person, and  Mark Pennington.  The fence around the garden was also repaired thanks to Dave Person.  We also fixed our small greenhouse which was missing a couple of panels and planted two trays of seedlings thanks to Solange Viggiano and her husband Ernesto. We also added worms to our compost pile thanks to the Sunday school children from South church. 

Current Work-  We will continue to water the seedling trays located inside the greenhouse this week. We also plan to pick up organic compost for our raised beds. We will begin turning the compost and depositing new compost to our bins.

Coming Up-  We plan to meet this Saturday May 3  between 10 am and 12 noon.  Everyone and anyone who might be interested in the garden is welcome to come and join us.  We will continue with the clean up, watering and composting.  We will also need to determine a schedule for planting, weeding, and a regular watering schedule.

As in the past the harvest of the garden will be shared between participating gardeners and the food pantry.  There is also a proposal to collaborate with families from the Cabrini immigration center but this still needs to be planned and organized.  Our garden follows a communal model where individuals work in all the different areas instead of having an assigned plot or bed.

If you know of someone who might be interested in joining our kitchen garden please share their email or other contact information with us.

Happy gardening,

Marc Taiano and Solange Viggiano