Tuesday, March 16, 2021

First time back in the garden!

Andrew, Judy, Blanca, Els, and I met at the garden this morning. Sam and his son, Nico, stopped by for a visit, and Nico got to feel the fuzzy buds on the pussy willow and sample some arugula and spinach straight from the garden. It was a cool morning, but working in the sun, we felt quite warm, and it was good to get our hands in the dirt!

We admired the greens that had survived the cold winter, and Andrew turned the compost. Then we decided to concentrate on removing the chickweed that is growing everywhere and to cover the newly empty spots with cardboard. We discovered that the carrots planted in the spring, while teeny tiny, are actually quite sweet. Hopefully they will keep growing to a more useful size.

We inspected the fence, which has a number of very loose posts on the driveway side plus at least one big gap in the fencing. (All that in addition to the breached spots on the Zion side.) We can't start our spring crops until we have a secure fence. This is our first priority. 

We'll meet again next Saturday morning. Have a great week!