Thursday, February 7, 2013

Transition Training a Success

A group of 40 participants immersed themselves in Transition Training last weekend . . .  learning how to organize a movement for sustainable change in their community. One of the best parts was meeting new friends and being inspired by their stories! 

It was great meeting you this weekend. Nice to know Westchester/Putnam counties are seeded with people like you!
Lisa from Larchmont’s Committee on the Environment

It was great spending the weekend with you immersed in the very special world of Transition. I won't soon forget it, AND we will hopefully build upon it little by little, steadily expanding and putting to use what we learned. Again, thanks to everyone involved, and especially to our wonderful facilitators and to those in Roots and Wings who made it all possible, and to Transition Hastings for feeding us! 
Deb from

This weekend was exceptional and I am deeply grateful to everyone who participated for sharing their time and their hope and their energy. 
Pauline from Transition Westchester

Thank you all. . . . What a fabulous experience South Church, Roots and Wings, Transition Westchester, The Rivertowns Transition towns and the participants that you magnitized to the training provided for us. We are basking in a Westchester glow that has me smiling from ear to ear as I type this.
We are deeply appreciative and grateful for the warmth and compassion that enveloped us all this past weekend.
Pamela , Certified Transition Trainer. Mid-Atlantic Regional Transition Hub, of Transition US

Thank you Roots and Wings for the wonderful Transition Training workshop. 
Jessica from GreenDrinksGreenwich