Saturday, December 10, 2011

SAVE THE DATE - March 21

Dave Jacke, one of the world's leading teachers of ecological design, will be presenting the spirituality of permaculture at South Church on March 21st from 7-9 PM

Discover how to regenerate the Earth, our culture, and ourselves from the inside out ...

Eden Arising: Ecological Culture Design and the Inner Landscape

Dave Jacke
Essentially, the goal of ecological design is to recreate the Garden of Eden—and why not?  

In this age of high tech and information, we have the means to create food-producing ecosystems that work like healthy natural systems with minimal maintenance and diverse yields.  Yet, tools and techniques are nowhere near enough: we must redesign our whole culture, our resources, our technologies, our social and economic structures, and our inner landscapes.  In fact, it appears that we must redesign our deep internal structures to have any chance of succeeding in regenerating Eden.  

Who do we think we are?  What role should or does our species play in the ecosystems of which we are a part?  How can the practice of ecological design teach us how to see, how to act, and how to be in our New Eden?  

Dave Jacke will explore these questions with you and discover we can regenerate the Earth, our culture, and ourselves from the inside out.

Dave Jacke, primary author of the award winning two-volume book Edible Forest Gardens, has studied ecology and design since the 1970s, and has run his own design firm—Dynamics Ecological Design—since 1984.  An engaging and passionate teacher of ecological design and permaculture, Dave has designed, built, and planted landscapes, homes, farms, and communities in the many parts of the United States, as well as overseas.  

A cofounder of Land Trust at Gap Mountain in Jaffrey, NH, he homesteaded there for a number of years. 

He holds a B.A. in Environmental Studies from Simon's Rock College and a M.A. in Landscape Design from the Conway School of Landscape Design. Jacke is also fluent in Sanskrit.
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  1. I'm saving the date! I just bought the two volume series of this book. A terrific addition to my gardening and landscaping library. What a great opportunity to meet this person! Maybe I'll have the books read by then?

    grateful in Katonah!

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