Monday, April 23, 2012

Kitchen Garden News

Hi everyone, 

I wanted to let you all know what is happening with the Kitchen Garden. That's the garden behind South Church.

The name Kitchen Garden indicates our hope of growing food! The area is sunny, the dirt looks rich, and Dave has put up a fence to protect the space from animals. 

hardy kiwi fruit
Sharon, Susan, Chris and myself (Kathy) are the leaders of this Roots & Wings project. Our hope is that it will be a true community garden with families/individuals from Cabrini Immigrant Center and families/individuals from South. Our intention is to garden together and share the harvest together as well as with the Food Pantry.

Last week a few of us planted about 12 or 13 asparagus plants around the perimeter of the garden. Currently there are two hardy kiwi plants and two blueberry bushes in the church office waiting to be planted. The anna kiwi (female) will go over the gate and the meandering kiwi (male) will go around the nearby tree to the left of the gate (inside the garden). 

Both Ethan Roland and Dave Jacke--two permaculture gardeners Roots & Wings has worked with--recommended the hardy kiwi. They need to be well drained and well watered, and produce delicious fruit.  

Watch for more news here,



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