Sunday, September 13, 2015

Tomato Sauce Making and more

Coco, Donna, Lenore, Nancy, Ellen and Yaelle

Now five more people in the world know how to can tomatoes … and more! 

Coco Zordan's Tomato Sauce Making and Canning workshop last Saturday morning also included discussions on how to buy olive oil, making bread and the real cost of food (is it good for you? is it good for the environment?).

Below is Coco's how-to make basic tomato sauce for canning, taken from her website Click here to watch her step-by-step canning instruction.

How to Make Basic Tomato Sauce for Canning

I was really surprised when recently I found out that some of my friends and neighbors still make tomato sauce! If you’re here to join: Welcome to the Club!  There isn’t only one way to make a nice tomato sauce and it really depends on your family’s size, time and personal taste. My favorite methods are two: the “quick and fresh” sauce and the  traditional recipe for canning that of course  requires more time.  In summer, when tomatoes are still in season, you can make a quick sauce  to use immediately or within a week. However at the end  of summer you might wish to can those beautifully ripe tomatoes of  the Farmers’ Market  in order to have them available for  the rest of the year.

  • Traditional Tomato Sauce for Canning

By September 19, 2014
Traditional Tomato Sauce for Canning
How to make a basic delicious tomato sauce by using fresh tomatoes and basil.



wash the tomatoes,throughly, cut them in half and remove the stem or any imperfections.DSC04810DSC04812
Chop them in big pieces and add them directly into a big saucepan.
.DSC04815DSC04816 DSC04818
Cover the pans with a lid and let them get to a boil. Let the pots simmer uncovered for 30/40 minutes or longer if the sauce looks too watery.
DSC04820 DSC04847
When the sauce has dried up enough, turn the fire off and, using an immersion blender, puree the sauce until smooth.   Be careful: the sauce is hot!

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