Wednesday, May 18, 2016

May 14 at the Kitchen Garden & Watering volunteers needed!

It was a beautiful morning at the Kitchen Garden. Please read on for the full update and make sure to let me know what days you can commit to watering.

Among other things, ​Blanca and Laura chopped the kitchen scraps in the compost. Please try to chop up your scraps before adding to the pile, and cover with a layer of browns (leaves from the right bin) to speed up the process and avoid odors and excessive flies!

This week at the garden: Marcelo and Gabriela were joined by Linda H, Blanca, Laura, Iris, Linda M, and Susan. We spread organic matter in the herb garden and the bed by Oak St, planted parsley, tomatoes and peppers that Marcelo brought, transplanted mint, watered the garden, weeded, managed the compost pile, and tended the family plots.

​Watering, weeding, planting.
Next steps
  • Watering schedule: We need volunteers! The garden is in its early stages and the newly transplanted or seeded plants are vulnerable. It's critical to water frequently (maybe even daily) when it's dry to help them thrive. This is the schedule so far, so we still need to cover most days--at least one or two more days a week. Please let me know what days might work for you and we'll develop a final schedule:
    • Mondays: Susan
    • Wednesdays: Marcelo
    • Saturdays: Group
  • We plan on procuring some mulch to spread around the plots for weed suppression and to keep the soil moist.
​ While transplanting peas we noticed the root nodules--this is where nitrogen fixation occurs: specific bacteria colonize the root system and transform nitrogen gas from the air into soluble forms that the plant can use.
Other news:
  • Our fifth organic gardening class will be this Thursday, May 19 at 7:30. Please join us if you can. More info here.
  • Roots & Wings and South Presbyterian Church are among many groups supporting the March for Farmworker Justice. There will be an event at the church on Sunday, May 22nd. Read more.
See you next week!

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