Monday, June 5, 2017

Healthy Soil Workshop: May 11

Doug DeCandia led a wonderful workhsop an taught us about the connection between healthy soil, healthy food, and healthy people. 

We started at the Kitchen Garden where Doug talked about and demonstrated the importance of keeping soil covered, minimizing soil disturbance, and what the wild plants (or "weeds") are telling us about our garden, and how they can actually be our allies

We then moved indoors and shared our gardening experiences and questions, and learned some recipes to nurture the soil and plant microorganisms (think about probiotics).

It was a very informative and transformative class where we learned, as Doug puts it, about regenerative, life supporting approaches to growing food (in contrast with the life-suppressing methods of industrial agriculture). 

If you missed the class (and even if you didn't!) you may want to check out Doug's YouTube channelBionutrient Food and Farming in Westchester, which has many short and super useful videos showing how to actually do it all! And here is a link to the inoculant recipes.


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