Sunday, April 4, 2021

Thumbs Up for Fences!

We were thrilled to see our fence all secure with holes closed up and sagging posts replaced. 

What a relief to be groundhog proof. Thanks to Dave Person for the great and speedy job! He'll be back to work on the gate some more as well as to tighten up the fence on the Oak St. side of the garden.

We sent him a big thumbs up! 

We took out all the rest of the chickweed and cover crop, and left it root side up to dry into future green manure. We covered the bare earth with cardboard. Andrew turned the compost; Donna checked the perimeter to see what survived the winter, and transplanted some yarrow out there. We set the bird bath upright and filled it with water. I added stones for bees to land on. This keeps them from drowning.

We were inspired to do a big clean up. We straightened up all the tomato cages and made them into four neat stacks instead of being a huge mess. We put the most funky of them back in the shed.

• Next Saturday, we can plant the lettuce seeds and possibly the beans if it is warm enough. 

• If anyone is collecting food scraps at home, please consider bringing a pailful to add to the KG compost. 

Have a great week!