Wednesday, July 7, 2021

a panoramic overview

On Saturday, Els, Jonathan, Donna, Judy, Blanca, Laura and I met at the garden. Jonathan took the wonderful panoramic shot above.

Els planted the entire lasagne bed with four rows of little gem lettuce. The seedlings she brought have done really well in the center bed, and Judy and I will harvest them for the food pantry on Tuesday. Hopefully the lasagna bed will bring another crop.

We worked on weeding and getting invasive vines off the fence. Blanca did a masterful job going outside the fence and ripping out the wild grape, mugwort, etc. in the corner of the garden.

Jonathan brought his toolbox and strengthened the structure for the cucumbers and then removed some deep rooted grass by the Oak St. fence. We planted more of the little broccoli seedlings in the center left bed. Donna continued her work beautifying the entrance, adding a layer of compost and mulch around the plants. And then, of course, there was lots of weeding . . more fun when done with a friend, as Judy and Laura are demonstrating:

Judy weeded the beans and we added compost and straw.Els harvested some peas and we were amazed to see some tomatoes already:

Since Saturday, I've been back a few times to put some water in the bird bath and water the new plantings or areas that aren't irrigated by our system. I got another bale of straw from the Buy Nothing Rivertowns FB group . . just in time as we had just finished the bale we had.

There may be more, but that's what I remember!

See you next week!


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