The Labyrinth Garden

Marcus worked on the labyrinth garden as part of his
confirmation class exWelcome to our labyrinth . . . 

This is place for quiet contemplation and prayer.
It is open to everyone.
Follow its path to the center by walking at your own pace.
Allow your body, mind and breath to relax as you make your way along its spiral trail.
It really is that simple.

Roots & Wings labyrinth garden was featured on Paul Stark’s blog & the Dobbs Ferry Daily

The first workspace of Roots & Wings is a 22’ circular labyrinth permaculture edible garden on South Presbyterian Church’s front lawn, on well-traveled Route 9. The threshold welcome was carved by local artist Cheryl Hajjar from South Church's original carriage stone.

Roots & Wings has partnered with Children's Village for this garden--using seedlings the children there have started in the greenhouse, and planting side-by-side with Claire Cornish, the Horticultural Therapist, and her young crew. 

The labyrinth now features fragrant perennial herbs such as lavender, rosemary, echinacea, Veronica, hellebores, and strawberries, with other plants such as Swiss Chard for filler.

"I discovered that Roots & Wings’ labyrinth garden is a microcosm of life.  It is continuous, circuitous path of enthusiasm, experiments, disappointments, adjustments, frustration, compromises, and laughter.  I’ve learned a lot about myself, my tolerance for working within a group, and my responsibility within our church community and outside these walls.
     We talk of walking into the center of a labyrinth, for a shard of insight or a little shift in our “angle of vision”.  At the center, we pause and then, we must take our steps back out again in the widening and thirsty circles that need our care.   We welcome anyone who would like to grow along with us." --Linda Herring, at South Church Celebrates Roots & Wings, April 2013

"I feel a deep connection to this garden.  My kitchen compost and our guinea pig’s droppings are mixed in its formative layers.   My role has been minor, but my rewards have been huge.  Everyone contributes what they can, when they can.  E-mails and texts go out about particular plants that are looking stressed.  People cover for each other. Each time I return, I see progress. Our collective inspirations and contributions make a thing of beauty.

Most importantly, my weekly watering ritual has been an important spiritual focal point for me.  I ride my bike up the aqueduct, uncoil the hose, slow down, and indulge in mindfulness and (and occasionally mindlessness). I quench my prayerful thirst by quenching the garden’s thirst. I find my center. I experience growth. Looking around this incredible campus, with its architecture, ministry, art, music, yoga, day care, meals, and programs, I feel a surge of health and inspiration. I chat with curious passers-by. One tells me how much she enjoys stopping by to visit all her garden friends. I have not yet met the dog walker who loves to circle the labyrinth.  I see how the circle goes both ways, in and out, moving to center and creating an opening to the community at large. After I water, I see butterflies appearing.  I feel my family roots. I see inspiration take wing." --Mark Pennington, at South Church Celebrates Roots & Wings, April 2013


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