Monday, May 2, 2011

Cole Crops Are In!

We met last Saturday to plant Phase 1 of the labyrinth.

Residents of Children's Village started the seedlings in their greenhouse. Several of the children came to help us plant artichokes, cardoon, amaranth, cauliflower, collard greens, golden chard, rhubarb chard, chamomile, hyssop, Korean mint, and chives.

Many of the plants we put in are considered "Cole Crops." "Cole" refers to any of various plants belonging to the Cruciferae or mustard family--cool season crops such as cauliflower and collards.

Neighbors stopped by to chat. We learned that Donald and his pug walk the labyrinth twice a day! 

After planting, we covered the little seedlings with protective mesh to keep the wild animals from nibbling them down to nothing. 

Just two days after the Royal Wedding, it looks appropriately white and veiled.

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