Monday, May 23, 2011

Garden in Harmony with Nature

Thank you Minnie Kansman for your May Spirit Gardens presentation. For all who missed this event, here are Minnie's Feng Shui Garden Tips.

1.  Create curves whenever possible. Energy flows in the most balanced way when curves are introduced. Avoid sharp, pointy angles that can send uncomfortable "arrow chi" towards buildings and people.

2. Be able to walk all around your house easily and have something green and alive on all sides of your home. This ensures accessibility to all of your garden spaces and hugs the house with positive green energy.

3.  Give nature a place to remain wild in your yard. This encourages habitat for beneficial insects and keeps us connected to the earth and our roots.

4. Use only safe organic fertilizers and pest control. Read the label. It if is hazardous to humans it is hazardous to the environment and our ground water as well.

5. Name your garden areas giving them focus and intention. The Cottage Garden, the Abundance Garden and the Fairy Garden are a few examples.

6. Reduce, reuse, recycle. Reduce the amount of water that you use by planting drought tolerant species. Reuse plants by dividing what you have extras of and sharing them with a garden friend. Recycle your plastic flats and containers at your local garden or recycling center.

7.  Mix variety into your garden plan, allowing for different heights and textures of plants to compliment each other.

8.  When in doubt, work in groupings of three for an asymentrical, natural balance. For example, arrange three combination planters together on the backyard deck or plant three yellow coreopsis in a triangular formation within the garden bed.

9.  Incorporate comfortable seating into your plans so you spend as much time enjoying your beautiful spaces as you do tending them!

(c) Minnie Kansman
Eco-Balance Humanity in Harmony with Nature

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  1. This is a lovely list! I've shared in on our page . I really like your vision collage - any chance of posting a larger version? I look forward to visiting your project next time I'm in Westchester (I grew up in Rye). Good fortune with your work,
    Center for Creative Ecology