Monday, June 13, 2016

June 4th and 11th at the Garden

This week at the garden: Linda H, Laura, Iris, Blanca (and her sister), Els, Susan, Marcelo and Gabriela came to the garden and helped with weeding, strawberry picking, watering, and compost mixing, in addition to tending individual beds. We noticed one of the tomatillo plants and the lemon balm seem to be affected by some pest or disease--we'll be asking Suzi Novak during this Thursday's organic gardening class. Also, we believe we may have poison ivy growing in the compost bins. We'll make sure to identify and deal with it properly; in the meantime, please be cautious around the bins!

Last week at the garden: On June 4th we had the maté party and enjoyed some refreshing cold maté or tereré (here's an account of last year's maté party)! On Wednesday, June 8th, the Dobbs Ferry food pantry received its first Kitchen Garden harvest, which included lettuce and collard greens. Marcelo walked Ellen through and pointed to the communal gardening areas that the pantry can harvest, and the family plots.

Next steps: We'll get some additional plants for next week.
Watering schedule remains:
Mondays: Susan
Tuesdays: Gabriela
Wednesdays: Iris/Linda H.
Thursdays: Marcelo
Saturdays: Group

**Please note** when watering the garden, if Iris and Linda H's hoophouses are covered, you don't have to water them--only water if the plastic cover is pulled to the side.
See you next week!

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