Friday, June 3, 2016

May 28th at the Kitchen Garden

This past Saturday, Linda H., Laura, Iris, Sam, Susan, Blanca, Linda M, and Marcelo met at the garden. We divided up our work by weeding many of the communal and private beds, watering all the plots, adding compost and planting new herbs. Iris provided us with baby basil plants, mint, and chives. Most of these plants were placed in the community portion of the garden and some went to individual gardeners. Our hose has a bit of a leak and we attempted to repair it by placing some duct tape around the damaged area.
 Next week we will try to add some mulch around the vegetables in the form of salt hay as recommended by Susi Novak.
Watering Schedule Remains (subject to change):

Mondays: Susan
Tuesdays: Gabriela (away this week)
Wednesdays: Iris/Linda H.
Thursdays: Marcelo
Saturdays: Group
See you next Saturday!

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