Monday, April 17, 2017

Compost Update - April 15th

On Friday, Gabriela met with Elisa to touch base on compost pile management now that Kitchen Gardeners will take over during the summer.

Elisa took the temperature in the middle bin, which was about 80° F. The active bin was just slightly above ambient temperature, which is expected because the amount of scraps is still rather small.

We noticed some freshly added fruit peels with the stickers still on 😢. But now we have installed a trash receptacle to the left of the left bin. Please double check when you drop off your scraps, and if you find ANY NON-COMPOSTABLE ITEMS, TOSS THEM INTO THE TRASH BIN! Also, if you happen to notice any stickers or non-degradable stuff already in the bin, please give us a hand and remove and dispose in the trash bin as well (and let us know so we're aware this is still an issue and we can try other tactics to solve this problem--THANK YOU IN ADVANCE!)

Gabriela also installed new and improved signs (thank you Elisa for re-designing them!) so hopefully these will make it easier to remember all the basic steps!

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