Sunday, April 30, 2017

Compost update - April 21 & 29

Composting is picking up steam! On April 21st the active pile was at about 100°F and a week later it was at about 110°F! The middle (maturing) pile is stable at 80°F.

What's wrong with this picture?
Fruits, veggies and tortillas should be cut up.
Paper bags are OK but should be cut in small pieces.
And everything needs a cover of browns from the right bin!

Requests of the week:
    The smaller the better; shoot for no larger than 2 inches. As there are more of us composting, it's important to speed up the process. Size matters! Smaller pieces decompose much faster.
    It's getting hotter and this is important to reduce odors. When you drop off scraps, cover with equal amount of browns (from rightmost bin).
Some good news to wrap up: looks like the trash bin is being used. Though some stickers are still making their way to the pile, we seem to be getting better at it!

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